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A Kingdom Legacy Company Community investment Fund Project

MLK Wellness Center


The MLK Wellness Center is dedicated to empowering the South Dallas community through comprehensive wellness services, employment opportunities, and educational programs. By providing access to fitness, nutrition, and financial literacy, we aim to break cycles of poverty and homelessness, promote healthy lifestyles, and foster community development.


To establish a viable, replicable model for holistic wellness in other communities by being a leader in South Dallas in the areas of health, wellness, and community empowerment. Our goal is a thriving community that is lively, healthy, and economically prosperous. It prioritizes youth leadership development and mentorship while providing every citizen with access to top-notch fitness, nutrition, and educational services.


Project Details 

Right near the entrance to the State Fair of Texas, new development is coming, and it is owned and operated by the community members and business owners.   The development which is located at 3101 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd will operate in the former site where the Dallas Weekly Newspaper was formerly headquartered, a paper that has been a leading voice to the black community for 65 years. We are excited to create a new vision in a historic location bridging the old with the new. “We deeply care about District 7 and envision a prosperous MLK corridor with restored properties, thriving businesses, cultural preservation, and economic vitality. Together with the support of the city of Dallas, we know that we can show Unity in the Community is the best path forward,” says developer and manager Ferrell Fellows.

This project is pioneering a communal approach to development in disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities.  The overall goal is to successfully achieve and model transformative development in the South Dallas community that will spur future projects in this area. The MLK Wellness Complex will be owned and operated by a group of residents and advocates of the South Dallas Community and brokered and managed by Kingdom Legacy Company. This project will bring an integrated wellness solution to South Dallas, providing a suite of wellness services to enrich the community’s overall health & wellness options. This development will feature a community fitness center, a healthy restaurant offering fresh food options, and wellness office suites with our pursuit to also include mental counseling services and massage therapy. The Kingdom Legacy Company is leading this development as the first of many, providing a holistic solution to address the deep needs of the community.  

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