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Ferrell is a Real Estate Broker, MBA, Certified Loan Signing Agent, Certified Tax Accountant, and Notary Public. Ferrell has helped countless buyers and sellers successfully close real estate transactions and has helped facilitate out of state referral closings and relocations to the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. 


Ferrell has consulted as a specialist for multiple Land Trust and Community Development corporations advocating for economic development in the South Dallas community. Ferrell regularly volunteers feeding and clothing the homeless residents of south Dallas through various organizations including the International Street Church, Global Fellowship Church, The Human Impact and is actively seeking ways to dismantle systems of poverty through development, advocacy, and policy reformation.


Ferrell founded Kingdom Legacy Company as a way to build ownership and wealth strategies for the uncommon investor. The KL vision is to purchase and rehabilitate 50 distressed properties in the South Dallas area by 2025 via a Community Investment Fund where community members participate in equity and income through collective property ownership. After seeing the sub par living conditions for many families, her goal is to provide quality affordable housing for residents creating safe, positive neighborhoods in one of the oldest, most central neighborhoods of Dallas.

Ferrell is a wife and mother of two children and intends to successfully make an impact on many households through her development company Kingdom Legacy Company.

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