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Kingdom Legacy Mission

Kingdom Legacy is a minority owned, woman owned Real Estate Development Company that acquires, rehabs and leases distressed Single Family, Multi Family and Commercial properties in the South Dallas area. Our mission is to invest in properties, develop neighborhoods, and build affordable and safe places to live. Our Motto is Building a Community One Property at a Time!


Kingdom Legacy Vision

Our vision is to solve the problem of homelessness in the South Dallas community by developing affordable and dignified housing solutions, advocating for fair housing policy, creating jobs, and providing economic, social, and spiritual empowerment programming to our tenants.


Development Partnerships​

We partner with existing land and property owners of vacant and distressed properties in need of improvement to operate at the optimal level. Our goal is to provide the necessary development funding to improve distressed properties into profitable home rentals, apartments and commercial spaces. If you are a property owner or land owner in the South Dallas area and you would like to partner to develop your property or business into a viable income producing property that can provide housing or employment for the community and income for you and your family, please contact us to set up an consultation. 

Community Investment Fund​

We have a South Dallas Community Fund where investors, business owners and community members can pool capital to invest in the development of South Dallas. All of our projects will be held long-term so that community members can participate in the growth and appreciation of this neighborhood. We also have opportunities for private lending if you would like to invest with a guaranteed short-term return of principal. Contact us for more details.

Property, Land and Business Owners
Contact us to Learn About Partnership Opportunities
or Invest in Our Community Investment Fund

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