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Investor Services

Are you an active investor seeking properties to purchase? Are you interested in building income streams from property ownership? Do you have a wholesale property that you would like to place with a buyer? Do you see a vision when you see a property in disrepair? Do you have savings in 401k or IRA that you would like to leverage for a return? Would you like to invest as low as $5,000 into a group investment without the responsibility of management? If you answered any of these questions as YES, setup a consultation to learn how Kingdom Legacy can serve you!

We assist investors in the following services:

  • Property Identification

  • Investment Evaluation

  • Financial Analysis

  • Loan Financing Preparation

  • Property Negotiation

  • Contract Execution and Management

  • Contractor Bidding

  • Property Sale & Leasing 

We outsource the following services with preferred affiliate partners:

  • Tax Evaluation

  • Architectural Planning and Design

  • LLC and Business Establishment

  • Property Inspection 

  • Property Management 

  • Construction and Renovation

taken in a remote, rural, setting, this
We will make a CASH offer on any of your properties. Email Info@KingdomLegacyCompany for a SAME DAY OFFER!
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