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Armani Campbell

Armani is a licensed BROKER with exceptional knowledge of the Dallas market. He has been in the real estate industry since 2016. Armani has serviced both buyers and sellers, has experience with probate, divorce and community property, estate sales and luxury real estate, and is also fluent in Spanish. This dynamic mix of skillsets have assisted in his career till this day and will benefit you as a client of Kingdom Legacy. Armani works hand-in-hand with Kingdom Legacy to bring revitalization to the South Dallas area, his principal reason for joining the brokerage. Armani leads the KL brokerage in residential sales & listings and manages all in-house commercial leases. Armani is developing a training program to guide first time property owners, which he understands is the cornerstone to wealth in America, and ultimately, he anticipates leading new construction developments under his company, The Everlasting Cornerstone Project. Additionally, Armani carries an expertise and passion for foreign markets of Costa Rica and Panama and plans to expand his offerings to lead international development over the next decade.


Rudo Duri

Rudo Duri is the Project Manager and Healthcare Liaison for Kingdom Legacy Company. She is currently a medical student with completed degrees from University of Texas at Dallas (BSC) and Texas A&M University (MSC). As a Zimbabwean native, American citizen and student of medicine, her primary focus is preventative health and women's health because of her cultural exposure and sensitivity to global health needs. Rudo has a lifelong passion for real estate and property ownership in which she understands the ability to transform very serious social, medical, and economic crises with The kingdom of God. She owns a real estate wholesaling business, I am Realities, which she uses to invest in community development projects with Kingdom Legacy Company. Miss Duri plans on integrating her knowledge in medicine and real estate to build hospitals around the world that not only serve underserved communities, but also preach the gospel of Christ through medically documented miracles and signs. Rudo has completed mission-work in Cartagena and the indigenous town of Palenque, Columbia supporting the needs of the local health clinic, dressing wounds of orphans and empowering women to pursue their passions in spite of many obstacles. Rudo has offered her research skills to support the launch of the MLK Wellness Center, a first of its kind holistic health facility in a zip code that Parkland Health Systems has labeled the unhealthiest neighborhood in the city of Dallas. Kingdom Legacy is happy to have Rudo as part of our team supporting her educational pursuits as a working student. 


Daisy Torres

Daisy Torres is the office administrator and personal assistant to the CEO, Ferrell Fellows, at Kingdom Legacy Company. Daisy is currently enrolled in Champions Real Estate School in pursuit of her Real Estate License. She is also enrolled in a course to be certified for Human Rights. As a first-generation American who is fluent in Spanish, she has a passion and a vision to help other first-generation Americans become successful, obtain the American Dream and decrease poverty.  Her vision is to rebuild the East Dallas community within the next decade by creating jobs, building homes, creating businesses and creating community engagement activities in the area for the younger generations. Miss Torres' passion is similar to implement the Kingdom Legacy Company blueprint for community development and expand purposeful development in greater areas of DFW. KLC is thrilled to have Daisy as part of our team. Together we are fueled by faith and driven by God. 

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Stephanie Sosa

Stephanie is a licensed Realtor , She obtained her real estate license through Champion School of Real Estate. She specializes in residential home ownership and commercial real estate. Her passion for service, commitment to professionalism, and steadfast drive helps to make each client's experience smooth and memorable. She recognizes the value and the trust her clients place in her and she strives daily to exceed their expectations. Stephanie is fluent in spanish and is passionate about helping people become owners.  Stephanie is an ambassador for the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce, where she stands as the voice for the residents of Cleburne. She has a heart for ministry and serves as a certified chaplain. She takes pride in giving back to the  community through her involvement in various volunteer programs. She utilities her God given gifts to reach the hearts of people everywhere. Kingdom Legacy Real Estate is honored to have Stephanie choose us on her journey in Real estate. 

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